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After more than a century, we continue to be an industry leader in applying technology and innovation to responsibly develop Canada’s energy resources.


As an integrated energy producer, we explore for, produce, refine and market products that empower modern living. We have unique opportunities to bring research and innovation, community engagement, and our commitment to safe operations to each part of the value chain.


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Chang'an District

Whether it’s our upstream operations in Alberta and the Northwest Territories, refining in Alberta and Ontario, our 21 terminals across the country or the more than 2,000 Esso and Mobil stations in your community – there’s a good chance Imperial is located near you!

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Our executive management team represents many years of industry and leadership experience.


Canada, as a country, was only 13 years old when The Imperial Oil Company was formed in 1880. As Canada has grown, we have grown with it, sharing its prosperity and weathering the tough times.

Importance of energy

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Energy drives our society and is fundamental to modern life. As the world’s population continues to increase, we will need to use all practical forms of energy to support economic growth and improve living standards for growing populations.
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