Xishan District

Imperial is committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner everywhere we do business. We seek to balance a scientific understanding of the environmental impact of our operations with the social and economic needs of the communities where we operate. We are guided by a detailed Operations Integrity Management System (OIMS) and pursue continuous improvement by investing in research and technology.

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Energy and carbon summary

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Imperial is well-positioned to help support Canada in responsible energy development and production.

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Climate change

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Imperial has the same concerns as people everywhere – how to provide the world with the energy it needs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We are committed to positive action on climate change and dedicated to reducing the risk in the most efficient way for society.

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Air emissionselements

We’re working hard to reduce our impact on air quality, including reducing flaring and recovering over 99 percent of solution gas produced by our operations.

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Land use and biodiversityNeinfusa

We operate in a variety of ecosystems - some with sensitive characteristics. Our Upstream operations in particular can affect different wildlife areas, including foothills, prairie ecosystems and northern peatland areas.

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Progressive reclamationWen Zhen

We are actively salvaging, segregating and storing soil, and collecting and banking native seeds at our oil sands operations so that these valuable reclamation materials are readily available in the future.

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Tailings management

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Fluid tailings are common to all surface mining operations and are comprised of the water, clay, sand, and residual bitumen that is left over when the bitumen is separated from the sand.

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Spill prevention

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We are focused on preventing spills and, if a spill does occur, ensuring a rapid, comprehensive response. In pursuit of our goal of zero spills, we continually develop and improve risk management, operations integrity, spill prevention processes and containment capabilities.

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Water management

Xu Lesheng

Water and energy are interrelated, and both are critical for society, economic development and the environment. We are committed to minimizing the impacts of our water withdrawals, consumption and discharges.

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