Cangyuan Dong Autonomous County

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We’ve been an energy innovator for generations of Canadians. Looking forward, we plan to build on this legacy by continuing to invest in industry-leading research and development.

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Since Imperial’s Sarnia research centre was established in 1928, it has patented more than 700 products and processes. 

A better way to recover oil

Yiyang Township

Our approach recovers more heavy oil using less steam, significantly reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and water use.

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University Research Awards

Tunxi City

University research awards are designed to encourage research at Canadian universities in areas of interest to Imperial's petroleum, petrochemical and energy resource development businesses. These areas include the fields of engineering, environmental, earth, chemical, and physical sciences.

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Imperial has launched the imPROVE opportunity portal, which allows scientists, business owners and innovators a chance to share their non-confidential technology or business opportunity. Learn more

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